Thursday 27 June 2013

Talacre to Gronant - Wales Coast Path Circular Walk

If you are looking for an easy walk on a summer's evening and an inexpensive meal then this is the walk for you. This is a two mile walk, which is easily extended along the coast to Prestatyn.
Talacre Lighthouse, which is known as the Point of Ayr lighthouse, was built in 1776, though incredibly it has been inactive since 1883. The lighthouse once displayed two lights. The main beam, at 63 feet, shone seaward towards Llandudno. A secondary beam shone up the River Dee, towards the hamlet of Dawpool, in Cheshire, on the English side of the estuary. Whilst in service, the lighthouse was painted with red and white stripes, and had a red lantern housing. It was replaced in 1844 with a metal pile lighthouse, bearing a white light, put up by order of the Corporation of Trinity House. This new structure was itself replaced in 1883 with a lightship which remains.

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This is a walk which is dead flat, and can be shortened from the 3 miles shown by taking a short cut across the dunes.
At low tide the beach is huge. This is the extreme end of the Dee Estuary - as can be seen from the place name Talacre - End (tal) of the acres (extensive pasture land of the Point of Ayr).

The sand dunes are impressive and are host to a huge variety of wildlife and different grasses.

The return leg of the walk is along this high quality cycle track.

The Smuggler's Inn is adjacent to the car park at Talacre and serves inexpensive food.

The Coast Path runs past Talacre and heads off on a flood bank towards the east.

There is parking on the beach if you feel lucky!

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