Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Greenfield Dock - place for a potter on the Wales Coast Path

I first heard about the Greenfield dock on a Gruff Rhys Jones program about pilgrimage and from reading about the Greenfield industrial park. The village of Greenfield has quite a heritage. It's oldest building is Basingwerk Abbey, founded circa 1132. This was an important monastery in north Wales until it's dissolution by Henry the 8th in 1536. The Abbey is also the starting point of the North Wales Pilgrim's Way, stretching to Bardsey Island, which is an inland alternative to the Wales Coast Path.

Greenfield later became an industrial centre. There has been a paper mill on the site since 1770. This was joined by a copper mill, a flannel mill, a flour mill, shirt makers and a soft drinks factory. In the 20th century they were joined by Rayon Factories and a sulphuric acid plant. The docks would have been invaluable to all these businesses.

 It is easy to reach off the main road from Flint and parking is free. However, I would have to confess to being rather underwhelmed by it's current appearance as this muddy gully.

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