Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Penrhyn Dock - a good place for a stroll on the Wales Coast Path

Porth Penrhyn can be found on the Wales Coast Path just to the east of the old A5. It is signposted from the main road. In its hay day in the late 19th century it carried vast quantities of roofing slate from the Penrhyn quarry in Snowdonia. Nowadays it still caters for ships of modest size and is the location of a well known ship-broker.

Penrhyn Castle (run by the National Trust) is adjacent. Permissive parking is free (it is owned by the Penrhyn Estate) and it is good fun wandering around the old dock and looking at the boats for sale. There are also great views over the Menai Strait and towards the Great Orme.
The view of the port from Bangor Pier area.
The Gates of Penrhyn Castle (and this is just the back entrance!)
Cargo ships have given way to pleasure boats in the main.
Skyline shows Bangor Cathedral and University
Low tide
What does a boat cost? This one including an 80 hp motor would set you back £25,000 including VAT... Perhaps next month!

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