Friday, 21 June 2013

Mountain Safe

In an effort to try and ensure that as many as possible of those venturing up the mountains are doing so safely, the Mountain Safe initiative has been launched. This is a partnership between the Snowdonia National Park Authority, North Wales Police, Mountain Rescue Teams and the British Mountaineering Council. It's goal is to make sure that proper mountain safety information is available to walkers before they even set foot in Snowdonia. Then, once they are here, the information is consistent and easy to follow:

PLAN your route carefully before setting off, and remember to choose a route that suits the fitness level and ability of everybody in your group.

CHECK the local mountain weather forecast before you set out, and turn back if the weather worsens.

WEAR strong walking boots and warm clothing. You will need a waterproof and windproof coat and overtrousers.

CARRY a rucksack with plenty of food and drink, and an extra layer of clothing. On sunny days take extra water and use plenty of sunscreen.

TAKE a map and compass with you and know how to use them. Carry a torch, whistle, first aid kit and fully charged mobile phone.

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