Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Historic Town Trail for Holywell

Holywell is a town steeped in history and it is soon to have an historic town trail with added art work, interpretation panels and environmental improvements. Peter was in the town yesterday researching walks related to the Wales Coast Path and walked the route which will be as follows. Peter enjoyed a fascinating afternoon looking at these interesting sights, which demonstrate the continuity of the Christian Tradition and religious worship, and just how they can be used as a tourist attraction.

St Winifred's Chapel. This is situated above the well.
St Winifred's Well is located behind the stone arches. Legend has it that it was to here that her decapitated head came to rest after it was cut off by the sword of Caradoc at the site which is currently St Beuno's Well, some 180m south west.

St Winifred's Well, or rather the swimming pool extension.

St James' parish church, which is alongside St Winifred's chapel.

Tea room and arts and crafts centre in front of the castle mound

Panton Place and memorial gardens.

Plas Glenfrewi, with its interesting roof. 

The hospice, which also does B&B.

Statue of Christ in the grounds of Plas Gwenfrewi

St Winifred's Guest House and hospice.

St Beuno's Well?
No, Peter got a bit confused by the lack of signage. St Beuno's Well is actually in the woods behind and at the moment is an overgrown pond, see The real well site can be accessed by some steep steps opposite St Winifred's Well.

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