Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Parallel Universe in Corwen

This is not a reference to Doctor Who, or a repeat of the unkind insinuation that it is still 1920 in Pwllheli! This is a heads up on Geocaching and the Corwen Walking Festival. Geocaching is often referred to as a parallel universe because the vast majority of non-geocachers (known as "muggles") know nothing about these strange caches (stores of value) that are hidden in secret places all over the world. Most people are astonished to find that there are such caches in places where they go everyday. Have a look at and click on your home town to see what's there and try it for yourself. Many modern smartphones have GPS functions and you can download free or inexpensive apps to help you navigate your way to finding them. Better still, enjoy discovering this parallel universe with a group of people who are keen to share their knowledge and get people into the outdoors in Wales by booking a place on the Introduction to Geocaching Course at the Corwen Walking Festival.

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