Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shaping Up for The Future Photo

This sounded like some sort of diet and exercise regime, so I am relieved that it is also using an alternative title, Skilled up for the Future. I went to Llangefni to visit Judy Craske, the Project Director, and to collect my special suitcase containing all the information I need to brief myself on the huge task now facing the North West Wales area-how to replace the jobs that once paid out high wages in the Trawsfynedd and Wylfa nuclear power stations. The skills that this workforce has, science and technical qualifications to degree level and beyond, are in short supply across the world. But will the work come here to Wales or will people have to move away to where the work is? This project aims to bring investment here and if further training is needed then it will find the money to pay for it. The Ambassador’s job is to spread the word far and wide that this region of Wales is a superb place to invest in new science based industries and thereby help to bring about a renewal of our industrial base here in Wales. After my appearance on TV last week as the glum undertaker I am going to need some media training myself - I’m told that it was the making of Margaret Thatcher so I am up for it!

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