Wednesday, 23 May 2012

As good as it gets?

To celebrate the opening of the first of the major new stretches of coastal access on Llŷn, Simon and I decided to take advantage of the good weather yesterday and to walk the Cilan headland/Hell’s Mouth section of the Coast Path. This is the large headland to the south of Abersoch. The section from Porth Tocyn round to Porth Ceriad has now been opened up to walkers.
The first surprise was to discover that “great minds think alike” and that Quentin Grimley, mastermind at CCW of the Coastal Path initiative, had decided to take the day off and walk the path also. Here he is with wife Karen and their young son.

The second surprise was that the beaches of Porth Tocyn, where we started out, were all but deserted-despite superb weather. Come on in holidaymakers, the water is lovely!

The third surprise was to see a pod of dolphins in the St Tudwal roads area. They were too far away to photograph properly and never came much above the surface-but they were there alright.

The fourth surprise was just how much physical work had gone into this project. Here is a photo of the new path out to Penrhyn Du from Porth Tocyn. The locals call it the Runway.

But the main surprise was the beauty of this landscape that has now been opened up for visitors. This photo of Simon has the St Tudwal islands as a backdrop. Whilst on this walk I met up with Rhys Jones of Gwynedd Council who gave me the good news that other sections of the coast are to be opened up soon. Then this path around the Llŷn will genuinely be as good as it gets.

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