Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Au revoir-and in style!

Our French journalists have now returned to Paris, but not before a whistle-stop tour of North Wales. First stop was the Osprey project at Pont Croeser and then to the Italianate style village of Portmerion where we recorded an interview between Peter and Gregory for their website. Brilliant sunshine set the place off superbly for this photo, but as the interview progressed it grew darker and then the heavens opened. Ten minutes of hail and then it was over as quick as it had begun.

Gregory was aware of the cult TV series the Prisoner and was fascinated to visit the place where it was filmed

Marion loved the hotel by the quay and the prospect of the tower from below.

The estuary by Portmerion at low tide. It must be the cleanest estuary ever.

No, this isn’t an impression of Peter doing his VAT Return! This is a lead casting of Hercules by William Brodie (1815-1881) acquired by the owner and designer of Portmerion, Clough Williams Ellis, in 1960. Clough felt that such a splendid monument should have something to celebrate so he inscribed a plaque “To the Summer of 1959 in honour of its splendour” Underneath are various plaques celebrating later brilliant summers. Will 2012 be among them I wonder?

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  1. Love Portmerion, I can thoroughly recommend eating in the Castle.