Monday, 28 May 2012

Ich bin ein Berliner!

This is one of the phrases in German with which Peter is familiar, and is appropriate to quote here because Peter went to Manchester Airport on Sunday to collect Roland and Wolfgang who are journalists from Berlin. Visit Wales asked us to show them the best parts of the new Wales Coast Path so we drove them along the north coast and here are a few photographs to mark their visit.
As the summer sun goes down over Conwy it illuminates the castle beautifully. 
By the time we reached Caernarfon the sun had already set, but Wolfgang has far better photo kit than Peter, so he has made more of the shot of Caernarfon Castle's illuminations.
Wolfgang was fascinated by peninsulas and here is Porth Dinllaen, a peninsula on a peninsula.
Wolfgang and Roland were interested in how the Wales Coast Path was made and enjoyed talking with Quentin Grimley who has worked hard on this project for the last five years, and all credit to him for making it happen.

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