Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Heaven for church hoppers

One of the delights of Anglesey is the number of churches, each one different from the last yet with a common identity. Not all are open but there is a network of lanes across Anglesey, so, armed with a detailed OS map, I was able to combine some lane walking at a cracking pace with some church hopping.

The Local Authority had some really good walk leaflets showing these lanes and paths across the field and woods.
Llangwyllog-church of Cwyllog, the only church dedicated to this son of Caw (one of the followers of Maelgwm in the 6th Century, evicted from what is now Northern England by the Picts he settled into Anglesey under the King’s protection.
Llanerchymedd  No, this isn’t the Church, it’s only the gate house

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