Friday, 11 May 2012

Roedd Cymraeg yn siarad ar brecwast?

Gregory and Marion stayed over night at Nant Gwrtheyrn, the Welsh language college in an isolated spot just north of Llithfaen and east of Nefyn. The BBC were there filming a downhill cycle race between 2 cyclists. It looked like suicide to me because, although the surface of the road is very smooth after the recent improvements, there are two hairpin bends and the gradient is something like 1 in 4, over a drop of 200m altogether. We didn't stay to watch and instead went off to Tafarn y Fic where we had a fine meal of lamb and sea bass and I introduced them to the delights of Cwrw Llyn, a new brewery now based in Nefyn.
At breakfast they were on their own and told me they did their very best with the three words of Welsh that I had managed to teach them. They had found the old quarry village very much to their liking and had stayed in one of the renovated cottages in the village which had en suite bedrooms.
The Cafe at breakfast was superb and they served from 6:30 all the way until 9am - so they got plenty to eat.

Our visitors were here to walk the path and so map in hand and cameras at the ready we set them off down the hill to Porth y Nant. They had 28km to walk all the way to Tudweiliog so they will need that breakfast.

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