Monday, 27 November 2017

4 bathrooms in Dolfor? You must be joking!

Ground floor plan

Our architect, Keith Dabson, has produced final building plans for our ambitious conversion of Dolfor into a 4 bedroom B&B with all rooms ensuite. It involves building over the path at the back and making better use of all the roof spaces at the back. It is ingenious and we looking forward to getting on with the work. Tenders are due back next week with a start during January.

First floor plan

Advance notice of an Extraordinary Event

Flyer for the event.

Readers will know that we at the Edge of Wales are very active in the R.S. Thomas and M.E. Eldridge Appreciation Society. For four years we have been part of an annual literary festival held in Aberdaron. As part of the Festival in 2018 (see we are organising an extraordinary musical event in Bangor Cathedral on the afternoon of July 1st. This is to be called “RSThomas for a new generation” and will incorporate a World Premiere for a work composed by Ellen Davies, “Pilgrimages”, in which Ensemble Cymru (a small orchestra ) and the Royal Harpist, Anne Denholm, will perform. Following that there will be another World Premiere, a choral composition involving the Cathedral Choir, composed by Rob Moran from Philadelphia. There will also be a series of readings by the Poet Owen Lowery who was inspired by RS. This is entitled “The poet that prevails”. 

This will be an extraordinary musical and literary event and we would urge all readers to come to it. Normally, tickets for such an event would cost in the region of £40 each but, as it has been heavily sponsored and is to be held in the Cathedral-in place of Evensong- tickets are to be without charge but strictly allocated by the Society.
At the moment the tickets are with the Society. If you would like to reserve some places then please register with the Society Director, Susan Fogarty on or write to us. 

Bangor cathedral