Thursday, 20 October 2016

Evening Treat on Aberdaron Beach

We had one of the lowest tides of the year last night in Aberdaron and very little on shore wind. This opened up the huge mile long beach and I decided to go for a walk after work to coincide with the low point of the tide at 6:15pm. On my return from the eastern end of the beach (the Dragon's Caves) I was treated to a spectacular sunset with the fading light reflecting on the wet sand in glorious colours.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sacred Land comes to Aberdaron

We had a total of 28 participants at the Franciscan inspired Sacred Land weekend from the 7th to the 9th of October. The subtitles were "Moving from Information to Inspiration" and "Taking the Mind into the Heart" and the content and the brilliant presentations certainly lived up to this billing.
Walking down to the site St Mary's Church and looking across to Bardsey, burial place of 20,000 Saints
A talk by Martin Palmer on thr relationship between Environment and Religion
A visit to St Mary's Well by the more adventurous and nimble amongst us
A introduction to storytelling in the Welsh Tradition by Dafydd Davies Hughes at Felin Uchaf

Dawn Eucharist at the Church at Penlech

Friday, 14 October 2016

Meal for 30 Sir?

Last weekend we hosted the Sacred Land weekend in our house, Manaros. After a lot of furniture shifting we managed to set the main room and conservatory up for 26 people. Really, there was enough space for 30 people sitting down for dinner. We had 8 people staying in the main house in four ensuite bedrooms, the balance stayed in a variety of hotels and B&Bs and private houses in and around Aberdaron. Dinner was self service and to a budget. However, there is no reason why a high quality special celebratory meal could not be served, perhaps with crab and lobster, fine wines and champagne, to anyone wanting to host a special birthday party. Judging by our experience this weekend, a very convivial evening would certainly follow.

After shoving the sofas up against the wall there was plenty of space for 2 big tables in the main room, one of which usually serves as the patio table.
Copious quantities of tea and cake got the weekend off to a good start.

The conservatory had a nice bistro atmosphere with two tables and some lamps.

With a few cushions even the outside deck chairs were comfortable.