Monday, 2 September 2013

Fun and games in Corwen

Yesterday Peter took out a group of 16 novice geocachers from the Corwen Walking Festival. He travelled up to Gwyddelwern, just north of Corwen in the minibus, and took them on a tour of the caches along the quiet lanes.

This is part of the group before they set out. Behind them is a new sort of gazeebo tent sold by Cotswolds. 

This is an example of a microcache. In this case it was hidden in a tree stump. The cache was no bigger than a pencil eraser. 

This magnetic cache was hidden in this wreck of a rusty old farm gate.

This ingenious cache was camouflaged as a bird nesting box.

You then had to solve a series of fiendish puzzles to open the two locks into the cache itself.

The whole geocaching experience is a great way of involving the whole family.

This cache was disguised as a stag beetle.

The clue for this microcache was "Sleeping Beauty". Get it?

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