Monday, 2 September 2013

Corwen Railway Mania! - Buy the Shares!

I'm delighted to be able to report that the 2 and a half mile extension to the Llangollen Railway (taking the line all the way to Corwen) is now well under way. The first sod was dug in March 2011 and the halfway stage has now been reached. It is on target to be completed by March 2014. Readers of this blog will know that the Llangollen railway was born out of the ashes of the 1965 Beeching Closure of the Ruabon to Barmouth line. It currently operates on 7 and a half miles of track from Llangollen to Carrog and carries more than 100,000 passengers a year. The extension of the railway from Carrog to Corwen includes a new station and is going to cost £4.6 million. Some of this will need to be raised by donations and sale of shares. £50 buys you one share and application forms are available by visiting the Llangollen Railway website. Share ownership confers a number of benefits, and donations even more so. For example, £500 will get you a certificate, a one year membership of the railway and a seat on the first train to Corwen (a maximum of 400 people). The greatest benefit of all will be putting Corwen seriously back on the tourist map.

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