Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Big Welcome in Holyhead

Cruise ships are coming into Holyhead in increasing numbers, and I am very impressed by the way that the red carpet is being rolled out to cruise visitors. On the Thompson Spirit, which visited with 1250 people yesterday, only 250 were on the ship's own excursions, which left 900 - 1000 arriving on shuttle buses, going on independent tours and walking around the town. A huge and very impressive effort was made by the Council, and everyone involved, and this clearly impressed the visitors, many of whom will hopefully return to Wales for a longer stay in the future.

Big welcome from Bethan Hughes and Amy from Anglesey Council. They operated an information service from a caravan at terminal 1 providing much needed advice and direction.

All over Holyhead you will find interesting sculptures and artwork which convey an excellent sense of place.

The new bridge that connects the railway station and terminal 1 with the town is efficient, welcoming and stylish.

The bunting is out for visitors.

An interesting piece of street sculpture evoking sailing ships.

The local male voice choir performed for the visitors, who were greatly impressed both by the quality of the singing and the warmth of the welcome.

 On the day of my visit there was also jetty entertainment of traditional Welsh music by Dawnsio Bro Cefni, a flower festival in the church, naval re-enactments and welcoming Roman soldiers, about which I will write separately.

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