Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wales Coast Path diversion for pints and prayers.

The Wales Coast Path comes inland at Dinas Dinlle to join the A499 heading south west. A very brief diversion north east takes you to the pretty estate village of Llandwrog, where there is both an excellent church and a fine pub, both of which are open on a regular basis and can provide sustenance for the soul and the stomach before tarmac bashing on the A499.

The Harp Inn is directly opposite the church. There is a wonderful garden and good beers are served with hearty pub grub.
The church spire is a landmark in this very flat area.

The church was rebuilt in the 19th century by the Wynn family, who owned the Glynllifon estate.

The seating is unusual and resembles an Oxbridge college chapel in that the seats do not face the altar.

This is a swivelling lectern, probably installed to easily switch between Welsh and English versions of the Bible.

A stone rood screen (thought to be from an earlier church) adorns the west end.

The family tombs of the Wynn family, later the Lords Newborough, are in a small chapel to the south of the chancel. Beware a swarm of bees who seem to have taken up residence in this chapel. 

The glorious east end window is dedicated to Lady Newborough.
For those who want to make this into a circular walk from Dinas Dinlle, and are intrigued by the life of the aristocracy on the Llyn, then I would recommend a visit to Glynllifon Park (now owned largely by the council) and the incredible sight of a first class stately home stood silent and empty.

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