Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Quarry Path

An interesting landmark can be found on the single track road between Llithfaen and Nant Gwrtheyrn. On the little plateau on the crest of the hill, next to the car park, there are three standing stones, decorated with swirling carvings. As much as I would like to tell you that these are important, neolithic artefacts, marking a sacred site that was occupied for thousands of years, I'm afraid that they were installed just a few short years ago, during the refurbishment of Nant Gwrtheyrn. However, they are undeniably striking, especially with their engraved markings that are meant to resemble genuine stone age art.

In between the three stones is a piece of polished stone, inscribed with a poem in Welsh - "Ar lwybr chwarel", or "On the Quarry Path".

For those not familiar with the Language of Heaven, the poem roughly translates as follows:

On A Quarry Path

On their knees, who are they
That come to work through the teeth of the wind?

Men tied to the bread of this rock
With their nails chiselled to it
Summer or Winter, the same yoke
Of stones on their shoulders

But they, on this celestial path
Bent, tripping to the peak
Of the mountain, they are the cornerstones
Of our walls – and us,
So far from the knife of the winds

Are the shavings of what they were

The car park has been massively extended in recent months. It seems that Nant are expecting a big influx of visitors!

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