Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Opening at Porth y Swnt

On Thursday June the 26th, the great Aberdaron project, named Porth y Swnt, was opened by the Minister for Industry and Tourism, Edwina Hart. This project was financed by the Welsh Assembly Government, European Structural Funds and the National Trust. The total cost (including land and buildings acquisition and construction and fitting out) is believed to be in the region of 3.8 million pounds. On the back of this investment many local businesses have made significant improvements to their facilities - a huge new bakery, a baguette shop, a fish and chip shop and refurbishment at the Ship Hotel.

Opening day at the centre.

Edwina Hart talks to the press.

Tristam of the National Trust explains their hopes.

This project has not been without its critics. The capacity constraint in Aberdaron during the season has always been the size of the car park and some have said that building on the car park was therefore an act of lunacy. Many visitors have been nonplussed by the exhibits which might appear to resemble a contemporary arts display, or a very personal interpretation of the Llyn by someone who perhaps has rarely been there.

A visitor explores "The Deep" an evocation of the sea.

This chair symbolises the pilgrims who historically took ship for Bardsey Island from near Aberdaron.

There are a number of poetry exhibits, imaginatively displayed. 

These poems, along with a short film relating to Bardsey Island, form "The Way" exhibition,

The lenses that were formally installed in the Bardsey Lighthouse form the centrepiece of the exhibition "The Light".

This interactive display represents the tidal currents in "The Sound".

There is an open air section called "The Fold" where the visitor is expected to take stock, reflect at the end of the journey and plan where to go next.

This is an English translation of the Welsh poem by Cynon that greets you at the door as you arrive.
Supporters of the centre say that it is clearly imaginative and that modern interpretation centres don't actually set out to teach anything. They are about concepts, feelings, journeys and reflection. Come and see for yourself and let us know what you think.

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