Friday, 18 July 2014

The Princes of Gwynedd

I was on my way to the start of the Watkin path near Beddgelert and was passing Craflwyn, and called in to see if the Princes of Gwynedd exhibition was yet up and running. I am delighted to be able to report that it is both working and a very impressive little exhibition. The wall displeys would introduce a new comer to the lineage of the Princes of Gwynedd and they might learn something about the importance of these princes to Wales. The video (where the viewer has a choice of films) is working and is of a high standard.
You could combine this visit with walks around the grounds of Craflwyn Hall and the woods above the house.
This is a depiction of the killing of Llewelyn the Last at Builth Wells.

The exhibition is at the western side of Craflwyn at the car park near the entrance and highlighted by these signs.

The visitor can see other sites associated with the Princes of Gwynedd, and may be inspired to go and visit them. There is some debate on this - how interested is the average visitor in a royal line in a principality which vanished in 1282? I suspect that visitors might be inspired to visit these sites, not because they are so associated, but because they are beautiful places in their own right.

The videos are well made and have interesting content.

This image has been burned onto the entrance door, and is a replica of a mediaeval illustration.

I was impressed by the effort and imagination that went into this, slightly eerie, sculpture. 

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