Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Relief from the A499 on the Wales Coast Path

I was walking along the A499 Caernarfon to Clynnog Fawr road after my adventures in Llandwrog. This is a very lengthy tarmac stretch between Llandwrog and Clynnog Fawr. The actual path is along a cycle track, so you are not at risk of being run over, but traffic goes at a frightening and noisy pace, and it was with some relief that I got to Pontllyfni and headed for the coast for a small loop that takes you back to the road at Aberdesach. This is only a 1.5km stretch but it was welcome nevertheless.

The Rivals look better and better the closer you get. The name "The Rivals" is an Anglicisation of "Yr Eifl" which is a Welsh word for a fork or trident. You can clearly see the three distinct peaks of the trident on the right of the photo above.

There is a good path along the coast from Pontllyfni and it is kept cut.

There is a good bridge across the Desach.

The path is above the shingle and easy to walk.

However, the path runs out just beyond Aberdesach, and unless you fancy risking your ankles on these large stones you must head inland back to the A499. This is not a fast eroding coast, and I don't see any reason why the path can't simply be extended along the cliff top.

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