Friday, 27 April 2012

Peter Walks the Town Walls of Conwy

First of all a Health and Safety Warning. This is a walk on stones put into position in the 13th century - all uneven and slippery in wet weather. Also the medieval soldier was probably a bit shorter than most of us so look out for low doorways. And there are some pretty steep drops so don't take young children or anybody with vertigo.
As everybody knows, Conwy has a huge castle built in the late 13th century following Edward the First's conquest of the Llewelyns, the Princes of Gwynedd. It was part of the Iron Ring, castles built within a day's march of each other that could also be resupplied by sea. It controlled the strategic Conwy Valley. It was also a walled town, a place where English merchants could settle and trade and yet still be protected by stout walls. These walls still exist and can be walked on three sides of the square layout of the town. The seaward-side wall still exists but there is no walkway with railings.
At each of these towers there was a removable section built of wood which could be collapsed if the invaders penetrated the walls.

You get a bird's eye view of Conwy town from here and admission is free. When you have walked the walls then I recommend you call at the Tourist Information Centre opposite the castle and meet up with Claire who can tell you all about the town, what to do and where to go.

Failing that you can always talk to a dragon!

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