Friday, 27 April 2012

Calling all Volunteers!

I've been walking the Coast Path from Abergele to Rhyl which is a very flat and open section of the path. Relief from caravans and housing (and windmills!) can be found in the bird life, but I must confess that I've never seen a ringed Plover on this stretch of the beach. But they are there I am assured by Anne Butler who is the biodiversity officer at Conwy.

Ringed plovers are small, dumpy short-legged wading birds, with a body which is brownish grey on top and white underneath. They have a noticeable ‘eye-mask’ and a black ring around their neck and chest, hence the name ‘ringed plover’. They choose coastal locations for breeding and nest directly on the shingle or sand.

A pair of ringed plovers have attempted to nest at Pensarn Beach Site of Special Scientific Interest in recent years. They are extremely difficult to spot and on this busy beach are quite vulnerable to disturbance from people and dogs, mostly because people are not aware they are nesting there. This year, Conwy’s Countryside Service is letting people know about the birds and trying to decrease disturbance and increase the chances of the pair raising chicks successfully.

So if you think you would like to help us monitor the birds this breeding season, please get in touch with Anne using her contact details below. She can give you further information about where they are and how to monitor their behaviour without disturbing them. Even if you only manage to monitor them once and can send her information, that would be really helpful.

If you are interested, please phone Anne Butler, Biodiversity Officer, on 01492 575123 or e-mail


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  1. Yes - a pair of birds is nesting there now. Saw them this evening.