Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Where the Buffalo Roam

Walkers along the Dee Valley Way will be treated to an unusual sight in the area just west of Corwen. The Rhug Estate have introduced a herd of bison which can be seen grazing peacefully on the lush grass.

Normally seen in Holywood films being chased by Native Americans on horseback, these animals seemed very content with their lot. From the Rhug Estate website:

"Rhug Bison Herd have become famous in the locality, the herd at Rhug has grown from 7 to 43 in the last four five ears and the Bison meat has become the most popular meat sold in The Farm Shop at Rhug. The Bison Grill serves delicious Bison Burgers enjoyed by many. The herd has also become a tourist attraction and there is a walk that takes you round the field where the Bison live and in the late spring you can see there little orange coloured calves with their mothers.
Rhug Bison came from a large herd of North American Bison in southern Ireland just North of Dublin. We now have a small herd at Rhug of four cows that are due to calve again in the spring. These cows all have calves at foot from last year and they run with a bull who we have nick named Rambo. They have now become an important part of life at Rhug."
By all accounts, it is a very lean meat and low in cholesterol. The Rhug Farm shop is a great place to stop for lunch, an opportunity to try out the Bison burgers.

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