Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Contract Signed!

We've just had some good news at Walking North Wales. We have successfully bid to provide an electronic mapping service and website to Flintshire County Council, in order to update their walking routes, (previously published here) and make them more widely publicised. These are excellent routes in a beautiful part of the country, so we are very happy to be helping the council give them the profile they deserve.

As part of that we will be working closely with the Flintshire Ramblers Association to recce the walking routes, noting any obstructions or necessary changes, photographing key points to aid in navigation, and uploading an updated detailed set of instructions for each path, pointing out items of historical interest. We will also record each route as a downloadable GPS file so that people can follow it on GPS devices or smartphones.

Peter visited the offices of Flintshire County Council to finalise terms and met with David Evans and Jessica, and then went on to the offices of Cadwyn Clwyd to sign the contract with Sarah Jones, the Environment and Heritage Officer.

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