Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Great Success!

The 4th Outdoor North Wales Forum was held at Llanrwst yesterday. It was attended by 120 people and went very well indeed.

Dewi Davies, Regional Strategy Director for Tourism Partnership North Wales, opened the Forum at 10:25.
The Forum was well attended by 120 people who are active in the outdoor industry of North Wales.
Marcus Bailey, Head of Inspection of the Adventure Activities Licensing Service, was the Key Note Speaker, and explained how Human Error Accidents can happen. These can be particularly damaging when unrelated events are linked together to create a catastrophe, the so-called "Lemon Theory". The name derives from slot machines where 3 cherries means a prize, but 3 lemons bring the opposite.
This was James Gooding talking about "Wales Days" - the provisional title for his new business selling day tours to visitors over the internet. He received many suggestions which changed his views. He will be launching the new business very soon.
All the speakers were well received and we had a question and answer session at the end of the morning.
Chris Wright of Snowdonia Active was the champion of the new Heart of Adventure concept, see our blog during December.
Full Welsh / English translation services were ably provided by Mr Glyn Jones of Cyfieithu Cymunedol.
Glasdir is a great venue, and the staff were brilliant.
Post-lunch the seating layout was changed and we formed work groups to discuss the future of the Outdoor Tourism Project. 
The afternoon session led by Sian Shakespear as facilitator.
Each table worked on their own recommendations.
Clare Sharples is the leader of the Outdoor Tourism Project, and is seen here thanking everyone for their participation.
One of the glories of these events is to meet new people and discuss new ideas. Here is Steven Jones, Tourism Officer with Gwynedd Council, getting to grips with digital mapping with James Gooding.

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