Friday, 14 September 2012

Spectacular Autumn Fireworks on the way!

If you are planning an autumn break then be sure to come to Wales this Autumn because the tree colours are going to be fantastic. All the woodland in the Clwyd and Conwy Valleys, and in the foothills of Snowdon are going to be bursting with colour. It may have been a dismal summer but there is going to be an exceptional display as a result of all the wet weather which allowed foliage to flourish. The cold nights will now turn the leaves golden.

Had the summer been dry the leaves would already be falling from deciduous trees, but this year the leaf growth has been phenomenal. Now that night time temperatures are falling the trees will stop growing and begin turning.

Chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green colour begins to break down, exposing yellow, orange and red pigments. Plenty of Autumn gold is on the way.

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