Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spring at Bodnant Gardens

Following his TV interview yesterday Peter decided to head off to Bodnant Gardens on the A470 just out of Conwy to see the Spring blossom in all its glory and to explore the ever growing number of paths through this huge estate. He discovered that you can walk for miles and miles around the gardens and along the valley and waterfalls that make up this National Trust run estate. Before the Great War the family who owned this property developed all sorts of woodland walks with water cascades bridges and even a church to decorate the view. All manner of species were gathered from all over the world.

On entering the garden the visitor is struck by the abundance of colour.

The paths through the garden are beautifully maintained, and make for easy walking.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons (there is no botanical difference) are abundant. 

The laburnum arch will be at its prime in late May.

Native bluebells are abundant in the woods with their rich, almost purple colour.

Further into the woods we discovered a church.

In the dell the old paths are gradually being recreated. In 2015 another 25 acre section will be reopening.

Some stepping stones across the river if you are brave.

The house at the heart of the estate continues to be owned by the McLaren family.

This is the famous canal terrace.

This is a recent addition of an alpine rock garden.

The exit from the garden leads through to a large nursery and craft area owned by the Bodnant estate.

A fine advertisement for Azaleas.
Peter reckons that he walked 6 or 7 miles around the gardens and estate and felt justified in tucking into a fine lunch at the National Trust cafe which he pronounced exceptionally good.

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