Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Guided Tours by Celticos.

Our friend Alwyn Griffiths at Celticos has recently published a leaflet about the guided walks he offers in North Wales and Anglesey. I've copied a few of these below. If you would like more information, contact Alwyn on +44 (0)1248 671234, or email him using this contact form.

Village Life and Hill Farm Trail

This walk will take place on the foothills of Snowdonia and it will involve visiting small village away from the normal tourist trail with spectacular but unfamiliar panoramic scenery. This will allow you to experience village life in the area as it is today and an insight to how it was in the past.

We will then visit some remote hill farms, some of which are derelict and abandoned, while some are still functional today. We will be arranging to meet one of the local farmers for you to experience in close hand the hardship of this way of life both today and in the past.

The highlight of this walk will be meeting the world famous Welsh sheep dog and a demonstration of the skills and working partnership between the farmer and his dog.

The Contrasting Valleys Trail

The day involves visiting three main venues with a few brief extra stops at places of interest during the Contrasting Valleys Trail as this "walk & ride" located in the southern area of Snowdonia and the Llyn Peninsula.
Cwm Pennant - This walk combines panoramic scenery, introduction to culture and history, an introduction to the slate and hill farming industry.
Nant Gwrtheyrn - The fascinating location of Nant Gwrtheyrn is literally our next port of call; apart from the spectacular rugged scenery this village has a unique heritage and the facilities provided give an excellent interpretation of the centre.
Trefor Owen Clogs - The final visit of the day will be ideal if you having aching feet as Trefor and Rhiannon have kindly invited us to visit the Clog making workshop at Criccieth.

The "Salty" Mussel Trail

The 'salty' mussel trail combines walking with panoramic views of Snowdonia along the dramatic coastline of the Menai Straits on the Isle of Anglesey with a visit to two fascinating and unsuccessful business organisations. Menai Oysters and the Anglesey Sea Salt Company Ltd. 
The walk continues as we make our way back on to the mainline and visit the Whistlestop fine cuisine establishment on Bangor pier. Here you will have the opportunity to sample the Menai mussels in a special sauce with a hint of Anglesey salt cooked by Terry the friendly chef.

The Slate Trail

This walk has been created to offer an enjoyable, comprehensive and excellent insight into the Welsh slate industry which had the most prominent effect on the development and heritage of Snowdonia and its inhabitants.
Not only will you have a fascinating day with your guide but also you will experience some of the most dramatic contrasting scenery from the foothills of Snowdonia down to the coast on the Menai Strait.
We constantly monitor our walk & ride tours in order to maximise the customer satisfaction and experience so please visit our website for latest offers.

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