Friday, 28 February 2014

Where can you see Offa's Dyke?

We all know that King Offa of Mercia built a large earthwork in 870 in order to mark the borders of his kingdom and to demonstrate his power and also, in part, to make sure that the Welsh didn't run off with all the cattle in a hurry. Over the years this dyke has fallen into disrepair and has been completely removed in many places. Offa's Dyke path doesn't even follow the dyke in large parts of North Wales. However, when you do come across it, it is quite startling.

I was researching a lane walk at Chirk, and here is the Dyke in good condition on the left as it runs through woodland, but completely removed on the right.

Here it is intersected by an old lane.
The bank reappears a little further north.

As it progresses towards Llangollen it becomes a wooded field boundary.

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