Monday, 10 February 2014

Walks in Wet Weather - Around Llangollen

With so much of the land completely soaked I thought that I would try a walk on quiet lanes on challenging terrain, but with good standing underfoot. I went to the Ceiriog Valley to Pontfadog and crossed over the hilly country between Ceiriog and the Wye Valley at Llangollen. This walk can be as far as you want to make it. All the way from Pontfadog to Llangollen and back again would be 10 miles. To go one way and return by bus would be quite an undertaking. So, if you want to limit the distance then I would suggest finding a parking spot somewhere near the top of the hills and doing a circular walk from there. You would need a one in 50:000 map to be able to do this properly on quiet roads. I can promise you that you would find more tractors than cars, and you would be able to hear them a mile off.

One way, this is an ascent of 1388ft, over 7 miles, which would take you approximately 2.5 hours.

This is the Ceiriog in full spate. In view of the recent tragedy in Powys, these rivers are best avoided in severe weather.
This photograph is typical of the climb up out of the valley, and shows how firm the footing is.

This is the view east towards England.

This is the view up the Ceiriog Valley looking west.
There are numerous footpaths leading off the lanes. This is part of the Maelor Way.

This sign can be seen on the Ridgeway, halfway between the two valleys.

At the hilltop you are into open country, but beware of snow!

Views of the Clwyds impress to the north east.

The scenery, which takes in pasture and woodland, is a delight.

I thought this copse of larch (the only deciduous conifer in the UK) to be quite striking.

This is the beginning of the descent down to Llangollen. Notice the rainbow.

A beautiful view of the World's End Escarpment.

The Berwyn Way intersected my route.

On my way down to Llangollen.

A nice panoramic view of the valley.

Llangollen town appears through the trees.

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