Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"Town of the Giants"

This is the English translation of Tre'r Ceiri - one of the best Iron Age Hillforts in Europe. But actually, the word for giants is "cewri" nor "ceiri". The word "ceiri" is the plural of the word "caer", as in Caernarfon which means fort. So Tre'r Ceiri actually means Town of the Castles, which doesn't have quite the same legendary ring.

It has two good footpaths leading to the fort which is situated on the summit of the southern most hill of the Yr Eifl range, often referred to (incorrectly) in English as "the Rivals". One route starts from a lay-by on the B4417. This is a steep ascent. The easier route can be started at the village of Llithfaen from where there is a road which becomes a lane, which becomes a track, that heads off north-west from the village. This is a 2 kilometre walk but the gradient is not severe. On a good day the views can be fantastic.

This is the WRONG hill, the highest of the three peaks.

The correct hill is the smaller one to the south east.
Halfway up and looking west. The Heather around here looks superb.
View from the summit looking east, with Snowdon in clear view.

Looking south across Cardigan Bay towards Cadair Idris.

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