Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Risso's Dolphins off Bardsey

To be quite frank I didn't know very much about Risso's Dolphins, until I hear that some have been spotted off Bardsey Island.

Thanks to the BBC's website, I now know the following:

Risso's dolphin facts

  • Their bodies are generally a grey colour, which is almost hidden by a pattern of white scars
  • Numerous scars are caused by their prey - squid - and also by other Risso's dolphins
  • They prefer deeper offshore waters and have been seen forming lines when hunting 
  • Risso's dolphins can dive to depths of around 1,000ft(300m) and remain submerged for up to half an hour
  • They can be found in temperate and tropical zones of all oceans
  • Male and female can grow to just under four metres long
  • They have blunt noses, rather than the pointed "beaks" that many other dolphins have
  • They tend to avoid boats, and are hard to spot
  • Source: Whale and Dolphin Conservation 

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