Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The International Musical Eisteddfod

All other Eisteddfodau are itinerant. They move around to different places. But the International Eisteddfod has always been based at Llangollen since it started in 1947. Promoting international understanding and harmony was the idea that underpins this musical celebration. The dominant language is of course English and it brings a lot of visitors to Llangollen every July.

Dancers from Newcastle who won the best Outdoor Dancing event.
These signs are built into the pavements of the town. Follow them and you will end up at the festival building.
The Fringe is a separate festival but is growing in importance. Charlotte Church is coming this year. Well worth a visit.
Llangollen as the centre of the World! This was part of the display that won the best shop window award.
I found these dancers from Ireland on the Llangollen Station platform. There was much media interest and at least it was under cover as the rain all week had been dreadful. But it didn't dampen the spirits.


  1. I love the musical notes in the street! Llangollen as centre of the world very creative!!

  2. Didn't realise it attracted such Nationwide attention. What dress are the dancers from Newcastle wearing? I only associated Morris dancing with the Cotswolds.

  3. I'd love to go next year, is it always on or around the same date?