Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Countryfile in Snowdonia

Countryfile Presenter - Julia Bradbury
If you weren't lucky enough to catch last Sunday's episode of Countryfile from Snowdonia, then for the next few days you can still catch it here on the BBC iPlayer. There was a lot of relevant information for anyone interested in walking in North Wales, including a report on the safety initiative to put grid reference markers on prominent stiles and gates that I blogged about previously. On the subject of safety there was a segment concerning maps reading and navigation, which can be a vital skill when the weather closes in.

Another very interesting segment was on the Celtic rain forest in Cwm Mynach (Monk's Valley). This is a region of Snowdonia that receives around 200 days of rain a year, and consequently is carpeted with a rich variety of mosses, lichens and liverworts. Cwm Mynach was bought recently by the Woodland Trust with the proceeds of an appeal to preserve this rare habitat for future generations.

For more adventurous types, there was a feature on Scrambling. Half way between rock climbing and walking, this is increasingly popular, but don't try this on your own. You need to have instruction. Contact one of our walking operators listed on the main Walking North Wales Site.


  1. Great programme. Shame that it didn't stop raining, though I suppose it made a virtue of the rain. It is good for mosses. Thanks for all the links.

  2. What happened to all the "hotter drier summers" that the global warmists promised?