Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Safety Initiative in Snowdonia National Park

The Snowdonia National Park Authority is trialling a plan to place markers with grid references on stiles and gates. The idea is for lost walkers to regain their bearings by looking up their location on a map. More seriously lost walkers will be able to report their position more easily to the rescue services if needed.

One of the National Park Wardens, Gruff Owen commented: "The idea originally came from local mountain rescue teams. The markers are being placed on pre-existing stiles and gates so temporarily disoriented walkers who've brought a map and remember their geography lessons will easily be able to pinpoint their position. I hope the markers will also serve as a reminder for some to polish up map and compass skills."

For more information see the Snowdonia National Park website.


  1. Fantastic idea, I hope the other parks follow suit.

  2. Hear, hear, good on them, it could save lives when calling for help. Well done.