Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Man’s best friend

Sheep need to be constantly monitored and checked for disease and damage. This means rounding them up from the high pastures on a regular basis. A good dog is vital for this and farmers vie with each other to breed and train the best dogs. Competitions are held throughout the year and are a joy to watch. This dog at the Nantgwynant meet on June 17th was set a big task in this huge field but didn’t quite make it in the allotted time. There is a North Wales Sheepdog Society and the next trials are at Llanfairfechan  on August 12th and 13th. See www.northwalessheepdogsociety.org.uk.


  1. Beats Crufts any day! Great to see the skill in these dogs.

  2. The dogs are probably more skilled than the photographer. But you say nothing about the breeding oif these dogs. Are they like racehorses where it is all in the genes?