Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How do you make a walking stick?

Len Porter from Llanberis exhibited at the Hafod y Llam farm open day and explained to me the intracacies of walking stick making. The shaft is made from saplings of hazel, hawthorn or blackthorn cut in deepest winter when the sap is down. These are then steamed straight and left to dry for 12 months. The tips are made from brass and the crook is made from horn of ram, Indian buffalo or wild goat. The trick is to boil the horn for about 40 minutes which makes bending the horn very much easier. Further decoration in the form of carvings can then take place. Prices vary from £60 for a basic crook up to £150 for a decorative top. Should a Father’s Day present be needed then look no further kids!


  1. Makes you appreciate them doesn't it, far better than those cheap Nordic poles you see in every camping shop these days. Give me a well made local product any day.

  2. A great day out! My kids loved the sheep dogs, trouble is they haven't stopped talking about getting a puppy for the last two weeks!

  3. They look beautifully made, will he be exhibiting at any other events?