Monday, 22 August 2016

Nefyn Maritime Museum Revisited

The recent stormy weather has made us and our customers search for indoor attractions and there is none finer than the Nefyn Maritime Museum. It has a number of great advantages. It is open everyday except for Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 4 pm. It has a cafe and some interesting items, toys and cards that can be bought as souvenirs. It is free to enter but please buy some raffle tickets to help this voluntary group continue to keep the museum open. It has free parking. Most of all it has some fascinating exhibits relating to the time when Nefyn was a great seaport, a place of trade and maritime services and a prosperous fishing village.

The Museum is situated in the old church in Nefyn and can be found by reference to its famous tower and weather vane. 
There is good parking and an excellent disabled access.
There is a small lecture theatre within the museum and a colourful display of flags.
Nefyn was a famous port for herring and this fish forms part of the coast of arms of Nefyn.

Nefyn beach and its Fishermen in the 19th Century.
There are a number of interesting exhibits such as this carved wooden figurehead.

There are many model boats and paintings of ships.
Here is the remains of a skull of a killer whale found on a nearby beach in the 1990s

There are a number of exhibits which would be interesting to children. A play ship outside and also dressing up boxes. This is a model of a cabin full of bunk beds in which the sailors would have slept on sea going vessels. The sound of the sea and the creaking of the timbers amuses children of all ages.

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