Friday, 12 August 2016

Aberdaron beach - it’s wonderful to be beside the sea!

With so much investment in food outlets and the NT Porth y Swnt and car park, you might expect Aberdaron beach to be crowded out with holidaymakers on the sand and with boats launching from the shore. However, we can report that this is not the case. Powerboats can no longer launch from the church slipway and have to go through the NT car park instead, paying a hefty fee. This has led to their virtual disappearance. This has made the beach area around the church wall and the Ty Newydd much quieter and safer for families with young children and a lot of visitors to Manaros are choosing this as a location rather than trekking out to Whistling Sands.

The Hewlett children having fun in the breakers.

The view from the Ty Newydd Terrace. One of the few boats that are launched from Aberdaron beach these days.

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