Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Best of the Lleyn Peninsula on Youtube

These days, many holiday makers make fantastic movies of their time here in Wales and upload them to Youtube. We thought we would put together a blog post with some of the best ones shot in our neck of the woods, the Llyn Peninsula.

The above was shot by youtube user Justine Curgenven while paddling to Bardsey Island. She was lucky enough to come very close to a pod of Risso's Dolphins. Just some of the surprising wildlife to be found in or around Wales.

Here we have the video guide to Llyn par excellence...

Well... in our opinion anyway. Nothing to do with the fact that we made it ourselves to promote our walking holiday business, of course ;-). And speaking of our walking holidays, one our customers actually shot a series of stills and edited them together into a holiday video back in 2007.

Here's a very thorough one about the coast path near Aberdaron. The picture quality is a little low resolution, but the narration makes up for it.

Finally, here's a semi professional one, made as a sort of "making-of" documentary of a Countryfile segment on Bardsey's wildlife, with a lovely shot of a baby Manx Shearwater.

If you know of any other good videos of the Llyn, please send the links in the comments below.

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