Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Gate to Nowhere?

Another recent addition to Manaros is the new back gate. This leads into a field at the rear of the patio and is part of our rebuild of the back fence aimed at improving the view. Gone are the briars and the nettles and the barbed wire. In their place is a nice tidy post and wire fence linked to a cleft oak gate made by our friends at Felin Uchaf, cleft meaning split along the grain rather than sawn. They now have a fully equipped workshop and are producing a series of design items which can be made on commission. The oak trees of Llyn tend to be from Sessile Oak or English Oak bent by the wind. This produces interesting shapes in the trunk and branches. This was particularly valuable in the old days when ship building was a busy industry in Portmadog and Porthdinllaen. We hope you like what it has produced here.

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