Monday, 20 February 2017

This really is a holiday with a difference!

Everyone that visits Bardsey Island agrees that it is a magical place, an island somehow out of time and blessed with wonderful wildlife and peace. We have hundreds of visitors every year who also say that that they would like to stay on the island. Here is an opportunity, a stay on the island for one week beginning the 23rd of June 2017, hosted by the Journeying organisation and which doesn't commit you to taking a full house.

The party will stay in Cristin House which is part of the Bird Observatory. This is a spacious house and comfortably appointed. Catering will be shared but with planned menus. Everyone will be expected to help out, something which the organisers call hands-on hospitality - a term I expect to reuse next time my relatives come to stay!

£600 will buy you a shared room, station transport from Pwllheli, the boat crossing and all accommodation and food (£720 for a single room or single occupancy in a twin/double room). Full details can be found on, tel: 01646 279 478, email:

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