Friday, 15 May 2015

Pilgrims on the move

A group of pilgrims from Denbighshire, pioneers of the North Wales Pilgrim Way, arrived on the Llŷn on Monday. This 133 mile route stretches from Holywell in Flintshire to Bardsey. The route has a new website, and is being walked by this group for the 5th time. Edge of Wales Walk was delighted to provide transport each day whilst on the Llŷn. Today they are due to go across to Bardsey as the conclusion of their walk, on the boat run by Colin Evans' company Mordaith Llŷn. Let's hope the sea isn't too choppy!

This was our first point of contact when the pilgrim's started at Pen y Groes, near Caernarfon.
This was the start of the second day's walk by the pier in Trefor.
A good turnout for day 3's walk starting outside St David's church in Nefyn

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