Monday, 13 April 2015

Heatwave on its Way

Here in Aberdaron we're used to mixed weather. We had an absolutely brilliant Easter, but lately we've had a few stormy days with much lower temperatures and some strong winds coming into the bay from the south west. Now, there is good news on the horizon with rising temperatures forecast this week. The medium forecast is also good due to an influx of tropical maritime air.

According to the very helpful Met Office website...

"The source region for this air mass is warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and Bermuda. The predominant wind direction across the British Isles, in a tropical maritime air mass, is south-westerly.

Tropical maritime air is warm and moist in its lowest layers and, although unstable over its source region, during its passage over cooler waters becomes stable and the air becomes saturated. Consequently when a tropical maritime air mass reaches the British Isles it brings with it low cloud and drizzle, perhaps also fog around windward coasts and across hills. To the lee of high ground though, the cloud my break up and here the weather, particularly in the summer months, can be fine and sunny.

This is a mild air stream and during the winter month in particular, can raise the air temperature several degrees above the average."

If you're looking to take advantage of the milder weather, Glandwr is available from Wednesday the 15th of April, and Manaros is available for a 5 night break from Sunday the 19th to Friday the 24th. Phone us on 01758 760 652 and we will price it up for you.

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