Friday, 27 June 2014

Deep Blue Sea Life

Our little village of Aberdaron has a strange new guest staying over the summer. A rare and beautiful blue lobster.

Local fisherman Steve Harrison noticed the unusual lobster among the more usual greenish brown specimens in one of his pots. “I noticed a flash of blue when I pulled the lobster pots up and as I looked in saw it was a blue lobster. “I’d caught blue ones before but never one so blue. It’s not often you see blue lobsters and even this one’s antenna was blue so it was a very rare catch."

Steve in Aberdaron
The blue colour is caused by a rare mutation found in about 1 in 2 million lobsters. Other even rarer colours exist including bright red, yellow, calico and pure white, which is the rarest of all at 1 in 100 million.

Steve is currently keeping the lobster on display in his aquarium at the Sblash Fish 'n Chip shop in Aberdaron. At the end of the summer he plans to release it back into the wild.

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