Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mindfulness Walking on Anglesey

Over the Christmas period, you may have missed this article in the Sunday Telegraph on December the 29th, which describes a mindfulness walk in Anglesey which claims to allow its followers to drop to a slower gear and give them time to appreciate the outdoors. Wilderness Minds is a small Bangor based outfit which hosts these "Mindful Walks" as a way of encouraging people to savour nature to the maximum. 

This is "mindfulness immersion" the founder, Sholto Radford, explains. "Mindfulness gives people a tool to immerse themselves in the environment without constant chatter and distraction." This can take the form of wild camping weekends in remote parts of Snowdonia National Park, or one of a series of walks on Anglesey. The article described how the walking is done in complete silence to avoid the distraction of conversation, followed by regrouping to share experiences and focusing on sensory awareness - a beach comber version of "show and tell".

Phone Wilderness Minds on 01248521621 for more information, or email

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