Friday, 15 November 2013

A Pillar of the Community

If you head out of Llangollen on the Rhuthin road you will see all the glory of World's End to your right and then the ruined splendour of Valle Crucis Abbey. Two very good pubs on your left tempt you for an early lunch, but on the right there is a small pillar on a mound protected by some Cadw railings and a short information sign. It seems that this monument was once a cross and the years have taken their toll so that now it looks like a pillar.

These are the latin inscriptions on the back of the pillar, which have now been heavily eroded.
Here are the English translations which can be found in the Llangollen museum. It seems that these inscriptions relating to royal genealogy were read out as a proclamation, perhaps used as a tribute or at an inauguration of the rulers of Powys, a widespread Celtic practice. 

This shows the mound upon which the cross has been built. The mound probably dates back to the Bronze Age.
"Geophys", remember that from Time Team? It shows that there is a lot more about the site than meets the eye.

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