Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Caerhun and Canovium

Peter was our walking the other day, and came across a little historical gem in the Conwy Valley. St Mary's church is a charming little building dating from the 14th Century.

However it is built on the much earlier remains of the Roman Fort Canovium. This was built erected in timber shortly after the Roman conquest of Wales , before being renewed in stone during the 2nd Century. It is still possible to see the outlines of the fallen walls, and the bathhouse that the soldiers frequented.

External Wall

Site of the Bathhouse

After the Romans left Britain, the site was occupied by the King of Gwynedd, Rhun Hir ap Maelgwn (reigned c. 547 – c. 586), hence the area's Welsh name Caerhun - the fort of Rhun.

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